Songwriter & singer Jo Girdlestone

Now is the Time


You caught me on a bad day

Feeling small and low

I think today I’ll just stick with what I know

There’s too much to rearrange

To even contemplate a change

Sorry, the answers still no

I just can’t go.


How about a little drink

To take the edge off today

And push tomorrow further away

You tell me don’t be scared

Everyone feels unprepared

Leaving behind the familiar way.

There’s always going to be a price to pay




If you throw one last coin into the well

Spill your dreams on the kitchen floor

These dreams could be the death of me

While I’m waiting to see

What the hell I’m waiting for.




I could find another reason

To wait and see

How many shells get broken treading carefully

I could break your heart

Waiting for life to start

Is that the way it’s going to be?

How long you going to wait for me?




Now is the time. Now is always the time. Now is the time.

Now is the time. Now is always the time. Now is the time.






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Recordings: guitar & voice - Jo Girdlestone; fretless bass & backing vocals - Richard J Finch-Turner.