Songwriter & singer Jo Girdlestone

Song For Susan


I’m making a fire

Lighting the way in the night

I’ll bring you out of the quiet

Nursing the embers

For signs of life


I’ll wait by the fire

Keeping my faith in the flames

I’ll send you my breath for a wind to catch your sail

When I sing your name


Susan I’m expecting you

Any day

Susan I remember you

Every day


Sticks for the fire and a song for the bones

A song that is older, older than stones

As old as the hills, as old as she who knows.



One step leads to another

Following footprints faded by time

A child will always hold onto the Mother

Searching for signs of the life

Left behind


I’m watching the fire

Seeing your shadow dance on the walls

A choir of voices

Sings your name

From nowhere, out of thin air

Out of the coldest clay

I can see you

As clear as the day




We don’t live in straight lines

Round and round the earth turns

As sure as the flowers appear in the springtime

As sure as the fire in the sky continues to burn

I’ll remember you.



All content copyright ©2015 Jo Girdlestone except where noted. Home page photograph by Ela Law.

Recordings: guitar & voice - Jo Girdlestone; fretless bass & backing vocals - Richard J Finch-Turner.