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Mycenae House here we come!

This production was first commissioned by the V&A Museum as part of the V&A Families Programme, featuring shadows by Drew Colby and original song, music and sound by Jo Girdlestone.

Drew Colby Shadowographer Feb 2019.

Drew Colby Shadowographer Feb 2019.

The Nightingale Game was played 15 times at the V&A over Feb 2019 Half Term and (being a game) it was different every time/can't wait to see what happens at our beloved Community Centre on the 30th March xx jo

Enter a world where the real and the virtual meet, a world of shadows and songs, an epic journey! Sat 30th March 1pm here at Mycenae House.

Are you ready to play 'The Nightingale Game'?
A reinvention of a classic tale by Hans Christian Anderson.

Created and Performed by Drew Colby - Hand Shadowgrapher and Jo Girdlestone.

Show lasts for 50 minutes, suitable for all ages.
Tickets £5 each or Family Tickets £15 (2 adults 2 children) - book via

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Recordings: guitar & voice - Jo Girdlestone; fretless bass & backing vocals - Richard J Finch-Turner.